The Real Value of a Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

While you may be concerned about the price tag on a luxury wristwatch, it’s worth remembering that it’s more than just a functional piece of timepiece. Wearing a wristwatch is a status symbol. It also expresses your personality and sense of style. And, because it’s a timeless piece, it can become an heirloom to your … Read more

Types of Hands on a Hand Watch

Hand Watch

A hand watch is a portable timepiece that displays time in a consistent manner. It was created for comfort and durability. This article will explain the different kinds of hands that a hand watch may have and how they work. The most popular types of hands on a hand watch include the Lozenge and the … Read more

How Quartz Clocks and Watches Work

Quartz Clocks & Watches

How do quartz clocks and watches work? This is a question many of us have pondered at some point. Quartz is a substance that have been around since the ancient times of the Egyptians, and is still being researched and developed today. Quartz crystals are made of hexagonal symmetry, just like diamonds. There are different … Read more